BLOWSIGHT @ Klubben (Fryshuset), 2010/09/25

Original Portuguese version here:

Yeah, I know I screwed up with the photos. Let’s see if I do better in Madrid 😉

» As soon as Nick Red, the sexy and charismatic singer/guitarrist in BLOWSIGHT, set foot on stage just to prepare the mic, a few female screams were heard and the front row was lit by flashes. But don’t think this is “a girly band”. These guys exhale rock’n’roll – don’t condemn them for being beautiful.

“Dystopia Lane”, the band’s second album, will be released in October, but recently, on their MySpace, they made available clips of the songs that will be featured on it. So, when I heard the intro of IRON MAIDEN’s “the number of the beast”, I knew right then that the show would start with “I wish you 666”.

“Bandit for life” was written in honor of Bandit radio station and voted as BLOWSIGHT’s best song, so it was a “must” in the setlist. Nick put the guitar down, dancing while singing, and for the security guys despair, he sat on the crowd control barrier, to greet the fans closely.

If I was disappointed that they didn’t play “Terroville”, on the other hand it was a really nice surprise to hear “I’ll be around” – a single released two years before the debut album and not included on the latter.

Nick asked us to scream for SONIC SYNDICATE (with whom they’ll tour around Europe) and thanked, in English, to some fans who had travelled from Belgium just for the concert (when in the end he learnt I had come from Portugal, I was even entitled to a hug. Sweet ^^).

I was already expecting SKILLER to play just half an hour, but I thought BLOWSIGHT would play at least 45 minutes instead of 30 (33, according to Nick). I was sad when, after the amazing cover of LADY GAGA’s “poker face”, they announced the last song, “the simple art (of making you mine)” (this, in my humble opinion, their real best song). For those who don’t know it, at some point Nick sings “so what do you want?” and the audience replies “high voltage rock’n’roll”, followed up by “and what do you need?”, “BLOWSIGHT IN CONTROL!”. Needless to say, we burst our vocal chords here. 

– I wish you 666
– Three words (under ordinary)
– Miracle
– Bandit for life
– I’ll be around
– Thought of bride
– Poker face
– The simple art (of making you mine) «



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