SKILLER @ Klubben (Fryshuset), 2010/09/25

Original Portuguese version here:

Yeah, I know I screwed up with the photos, but I’ll try to do better next time. ‘Cause there WILL be a next time for sure 😉

» This saturday I killed three birds with just one stone: I saw SKILLER, the metalcore band featured for some months now on my bands-to-see-at-least-once-before-I-die list; I saw BLOWSIGHT, the alternative rock band on that same list for about one year and half; and I saw SONIC SYNDICATE, probably my favorite band at the moment, playing the songs of their new album, “we rule the night”. Of course I had to travel to Stockholm to see this “dream lineup”, but I took the chance to visit the beautiful capital of Sweden once again.

I arrived at Klubben around 18:15 and the queue was huge, almost everybody holding a can of Monster Energy Drink: the Monster truck was parked right outside giving away the drink, with the stereo playing “we rule the night” loudly.

The doors to the hall opened 1/4 hour later, and the ones to the concert room at 19:15 (time indicated on the ticket, in fact). It was full soon. It didn’t sell out, but it was pretty crowded.

Few minutes past 19:30, the dj stopped the music and SKILLER’s intro echoed through the venue, while the band members took their places on stage. “Not over” opened the night. Even though the new album isn’t out yet, this song is already on the band’s MySpace and last thursday I heard it on the radio (BANDIT ROCK), so many people sang along the chorus (me included).

I only know the (very good) album from 2009, “novels of suburbia”, so I can’t say if the next song was also new or, by the contrary, an older one (I really must listen the whole discography!). I believe it was a new one, but the only thing I can say for sure is that I liked it – and the audience did too.

The energy of these guys is amazing, which didn’t surprise me since their music is just like that. They know how to be on stage and give themselves to it completely.

“Smaller” bands not always manage to seduce the audience (who’s waiting for “the big ones”), no matter how good they are. I was glad this wasn’t the case and that SKILLER were very well received. There were true fans there and I’m sure they made many more after this great concert. Great regarding the performance, ’cause being the first band, the time was really short. They played “my secret” (another new song, algo available on their MySpace), a couple of songs more, and “crush it to the bone” (my favorite) closed, with everybody singing and applauding happily in the end. «


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