SONIC SYNDICATE @ Klubben (Fryshuset), 2010/09/25

Original Portuguese version here:

Yeah, I know I screwed up with the photos. I definitely HATE strobe lights!

» And it was time for SONIC SYNDICATE. The roadie was still doing the final soundcheck and the audience already screamed. And since they screamed the whole concert through, singing along the lyrics – new ones and older – I think I wasn’t the only one leaving the place with no voice.

The title-track of the last album put everybody on fire right away and, as I expected, WE RULE THE NIGHT screamed by a thousand voices was “something else”.

“Beauty and the freak” followed up and Nathan said he didn’t want to see anybody still on “rebellion in nightmareland”.

“Flashback” is a mandatory song, it doesn’t matter how many new albuns the band might release – and here no one stood still, jumping to the rhythm of the music.

Nathan asked for light upon the audience because we were “looking beautiful tonight”. And introduced the song which the whole new album had started with, the song that was a big “fuck you” to everyone who tell us how to live our lives: “revolution baby”.

I must congratulate the sound engineer for his excellent work – the guitars on “heart of Eve”, for instance, sounded clearer even than in the studio.

A little further it was time for Richard to ask for an ovation to the two previous bands, introducing then the only ballad of the night, “my own life”.

Nathan teased the audience, saying there was still people not moving. So they would play the soundtrack for “going fucking crazy” – “aftermath”.

“Denied”, “break of day” and they left the stage, leaving us screaming for them – but not for long. Another intro and “burn this city” started up the encore. And more screams on the chorus, especially after Nathan saying he wanted to tell the rest of Europe what Sweden was made of.

The next single will be “turn it up” – something that sounds completely different from everything SONIC SYNDICATE have made so far. The beginning takes us to a dancefloor, flowing to a song of pure rock. I thought it was weird they hadn’t played it yet, but when Nathan asked if we were ready to party and asked drummer John to make the honors, I knew that there it was. We proved we were more than ready.

1 1/4 hour show but we all went buu! when they announced the last song. “You know what to do” and the audience automatically split in two. “Let’s make Metaltown look like a family picnic” (in that festival, Sonic played for 20 thousand people). Nathan asked Richard which side did he choose and both singers jumped down, to join the wall of death. “Let’s take this Englishman down”, said Rich. Eh eh! Robin was the only member on stage with microphone, so he was asked to introduce the song. “Which one is it?” the guitarrist joked. And the audience replied “JACK OF DIAMONDS!”. And it was crazy.

In the end, the gratitude in Nathan’s words was sincere and he told us not to forget that “we rule the night together” – and the concert ended with the band playing one more time the last chorus of that song.

All six members came to shake hands with the fans at the front rows (I managed to reach Roger), to the sound of “miles apart” instrumental.

Teen band? So be it. They have very good taste, those teenagers.

– intro
– we rule the night
– beauty and the freak
– rebellion in nightmareland
– flashback
– revolution, baby
– heart of Eve
– powershift
– my own life
– plans are for people
– aftermath
– denied
– break of day
– intro
– burn this city
– turn it up
– Jack of diamonds «

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