2022: gold, silver and bronze medals

Dear Front-Rowers, with the COVID situation nearly controlled, my presence at live shows looked like it would increase to normal numbers. But “nearly” is the key-word here, and then Putin had that brilliant idea of almost kicking off World War III (something that isn’t yet completely off the table…), causing massive chaos among tour logistics and more gigs were cancelled – the one that really saddened me being obviously the HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD headlining show in Hannover. Let’s put those aside, though, and focus on what did take place before my eyes, ears and camera lenses: 99 concerts in 18 events, between 5 different cities in the 2 countries of the Iberian Peninsula. And here’s the top-3 of what I enjoyed the most:

1st – HYPOCRISY – Hard Club – Porto (PT) Hypocrisy 2022

2nd – THE 69 EYES – Shokolive – Madrid (ES) the 69 eyes 2022

3rd – MOONSPELL – Coliseu Porto Ageas – Porto (PT) Moonspell 2022

And those I’ve enjoyed just as much but wasn’t expecting to:

1st – YELLOW DOG CONSPIRACY – Metalpoint – Porto (PT) yellow dog conspiracy 2022

2nd – SEVENTH STORM – Hard Club – Porto (PT) seventh storm 2022

3rd – LILITH’S REVENGE – Metalpoint – Porto (PT) lilith's revenge 2022

Not sure what I was expecting from the following concerts/bands, but it was definitely not THAT. I won’t say they were bad, just… disappointing:

1st – MILETH – River Stone Fest – Rio de Moinhos (PT) mileth 2022

2nd – ETERNAL PSYCHO – Laurus Nobilis Music Festival – Louro (PT) eternal psycho 2022

3rd – THE AGONIST – Hard Club – Porto (PT)the agonist 2022

After my own reviews, my choices on the albums released this past year are a no-brainer:

1st – HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, “Hotel Kalifornia” Hotel Kalifornia

2nd – “The Retaliators” O.S.T. theretaliators

3rd – CRASHDÏET, “Automaton” AUTOMATON

Don’t have enough names for a podium of disappointing albums, but SKID ROW‘s “The Gang’s All Here” and WARRIOR SOUL‘s “Out On Bail” rubbed me so much in the wrong way that I had to mention them. :(

I believe the production of the videos I’ve picked speaks for itself:

1st – ICE NINE KILLS, “The Shower Scene”

2nd – RAMMSTEIN, “Zick Zack”

3rd – MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, “Werewolf”

Expectations? That none of my plans are cancelled and/or postponed would be nice… These include ICE NINE KILLS in Barcelona in February (headlining show), which is probably the one I’m most eager about.

INK 2022

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD didn’t reschedule the Hannover gig, or booked any other on their own, so I’ll have to catch them on some festival. Haven’t decided yet if Rock For People in Czech Republic or Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, but it will happen.

MÖTLEY CRÜE with DEF LEPPARD in my own country, now that was a delightful shock, that I obviously won’t miss (even without Mick Mars).

The W.A.S.P. 40th anniversary tour was also postponed for this new year, so let’s hope that this is it.

Last but not least, those metalcore guys from Setúbal who insist on showing up on my expectations for 5 years now… :D HILLS HAVE EYES released a new song/video, “Goodbyes”, but then again, a few have also seen the light of day in the past and still no sign of that damned fourth album. Oh well. “Don’t ever give up hope”.

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