“The Retaliators” O.S.T.

Originally written for Valkyrian Music


“The Retaliators” is a horror/thriller movie that debuted at Arrow FrightFest London in 2021 but only now has had an official theatrical release, hence the soundtrack and publicity. Several music videos from the soundtrack have been rolling on YouTube for about two years though, probably in order to promote the movie for the aforementioned film festival. Being the huge HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD fan that I am, the new version of ALL GOOD THINGS’ “For The Glory” featuring Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene was the one that alerted me to the movie. But I wasn’t really impressed with the song; both Johnny and Charlie give it a spirited twist, yes, but not enough to make it something I’d like to hear more often. So I let it go, until more rock songs and partnerships started popping up, some of them already known, like “Scars That I’m Hiding” by FROM ASHES TO NEW with IN FLAMESAnders Fridén or “Wolf Totem” by THE HU featuring PAPA ROACHJacoby Shaddix, others with new treats (BAD WOLVES‘ “If Tomorrow Never Comes” now featuring ICE NINE KILLSSpencer Charnas or a remastered version of that ominous “The Ending” by PAPA ROACH) and some which seem to be featured only in this soundtrack – even if I’m not sure if they were exclusively written for it – like Hyro The Hero’s “Who’s That Playing On The Radio?” with ASKING ALEXANDRIADanny Worsnop and MÖTLEY CRÜEMick Mars and the spicy “Blow” by EVA UNDER FIRE and Spencer Charnas. The one obviously written for this is the movie theme, “21 Bullets”, an overwhelming track written by Nikki Sixx and James Michael, meaning SIXX A:M:, but performed by Nikki’s other band, MÖTLEY CRÜE; however, Vince Neil only does backing vocals (his high pitch in the chorus is undeniable), the lead being sung by Danny WorsnopSpencer Charnas and FROM ASHES TO NEWMatt Brandyberry.

There are some songs without guests (I’ve already mentioned “The Ending” but that’s not the only one), but I think it’s all these collabs, especially the ones between musicians of different genres, that make this soundtrack so extraordinary. The digital version is already available on streaming platforms, including some lines from the movie (I believe these are linked to the scene where we can hear the song that comes next) but the physical CD will be released only on October 21st. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but given that two of the producers are Allen Kovac (who also produced “The Dirt”) and Michael Lombardi (also the main actor), and the cast features a lot of the rock stars in this soundtrack, I’m sure each song fits the scene it plays to – just as I’m sure Tommy Lee will ace in his role as DJ at a strip club…

Label: Better Noise Music

  1. “The Ending” by PAPA ROACH
  2. “This Is Mongol” by THE HU
  3. “Blow” by EVA UNDER FIRE feat. Spencer Charnas
  4. “Scars That I’m Hiding” by FROM ASHES TO NEW feat. Anders Fridén
  6. “Tops” by Tommy Lee feat. Push Push
  7. “Classless Act” by CLASSLESS ACT feat. Vince Neil
  8. “Darkness Settles In” by FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
  9. “Tired Of Winning / Ships In The Night” by NOTHING MORE
  10. “Evil World Machine” by CROSSBONE SKULLY
  11. “Wolf Totem” by THE HU feat. Jacoby Shaddix
  12. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by BAD WOLVES feat. Spencer Charnas
  13. “Burn It Up” by Cory Marks
  14. “Living Dangerous” by TEMPT feat. Dorothy
  15. “Who’s That Playing On The Radio?” by Hyro The Hero feat. Mick Mars and Danny Worsnop
  16. “Blame It On The Double” by Cory Marks feat. Tyler Connolly and Jason Hook
  17. “For The Glory” by ALL GOOD THINGS feat. Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene
  18. “21 Bullets” by MÖTLEY CRÜE feat. Danny Worsnop, Spencer Charnas and Matt Brandyberry
  19. “Cops Are Here” by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein


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