REVOLUTION WITHIN @ Metalpoint, 2021/11/20

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


REVOLUTION WITHIN had been one step away from cancelling their show due to sickness of singer Raça (no, not COVID – there are still many other viruses and bacteria forcing us to stay in bed) but if he hadn’t told us so himself, no one would have guessed – screaming and moving like that? I guess he found quite a share of strength to recover in this uncertainty which the most recent COVID strain is causing and, if he missed this chance, he wouldn’t know when he’d be able to get another one. “Enjoy all concerts you can before all of this shuts down again”, he advised. Here they were already doing it, fearing the future or not.

Raimundo Oliveira (TALES FOR THE UNSPOKEN and TERROR EMPIRE) had already had his premiere as REVOLUTION WITHIN new bass player one week prior, at Mosher Fest in Figueira da Foz, but this was his introduction to the “crowd of the North” – Raça asking for extra applause given the fact that they were from Santa Maria da Feira and Raimundo from Arganil (close to one hour and a half by car).

Their discography counts with four albums by now and so much was left unplayed, but the gig ended with the mandatory “Pure Hate” (the usual wall of death included) and “Silence”. On “Days Of Anger” DOWNFALL OF MANKINDLucas Bishop lent a helping hand with both the vocals and boosting the mosh. I don’t believe “all will shut down again”, but certainly some restrictions will limit the number of events in a near future; I’m really happy that I attended one of this level before that happens.

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