SOUL OF ANUBIS @ Metalpoint, 2021/11/20

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


All gigs I had seen this year had been release parties the pandemic had put on hold; it felt good attending an event promoted just because, just for the bands’ will of stepping on stage and playing for us – like “in the old days”, which was less than two years ago but feels like another lifetime.

Recalling the catalyst power of sludge also had its special taste – I was ready for the mosh in DESTROYERS OF ALL and REVOLUTION WITHIN but I had to activate that readiness right on the second song of SOUL OF ANUBIS set. Of course it helps that their fierceness is contagious; I’ve seen them live a handful of times now and they’ve released such energy every time that no one can stand indifferent. But even knowing so, I must confess I wasn’t expecting such feedback and it was a nice surprise because they definitely deserve it.

They played almost their entire latest record “The Last Journey”, only leaving “Purge The World” and “The King” out, that they replaced with “Ba’al” and “The Monster Among Us” from their debut album. Among the thank-yous to the other bands on the bill and Metalpoint owner Hugo, singer Hugo Ferrão included us for being there, “in the sludge with them”.

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