SUGIRU @ The Skull Room Studio Rockfest, 2021/11/13

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


In Japanese, sugiru is the excess of something; in our underground it’s synonym to pure rock – and that, in my humble opinion, is never too much. They have more than a decade “on the road” but I believe their posture on stage comes naturally from how they feel the music, not out of experience, and that alone gives a whole other life to their songs, already fiery themselves. Also some lyrics in our mother tongue, like “Ontem” (yesterday) or “Voltar A Casa” (returning home), both featured in the album “Reborn”, came as a breath of fresh air to my ears. But the brand new song they’ve premiered then and there, which they had saved “just for us”, is sung by Daniela Moreira in English and it’s called “Strike”.

The high spirits were catching as well – there was some private joke regarding sardines between drummer Mosca and someone in the crowd, and even if I didn’t have the slightest idea of what it was about, I found myself laughing just the same. Rock’n’roll!

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