ALL AGAINST @ Metalpoint, 2021/10/30

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


“I Am Alive” is ALL AGAINST‘s debut full-length record and it was released in May. Now that normality is more or less coming back – it was one of the band’s demands: if the National Health Department made social distancing and sitting at tables mandatory again, the concert would be called off – they could finally bring their work off the studio and into the stage. And if mosh was king during INFRAKTOR‘s performance, it was more of an emperor in ALL AGAINST‘s. And crowdsurf! I didn’t take long to seek a little corner to headbang and enjoy the music more safely. I know that, if I fell, there would be no shortage of hands bringing me up on my feet – I lost count of how many times I saw that happen that night, as the slippery floor from sweat and beer didn’t make the “dance” easy – but I still didn’t want to push my luck.

“Feed The Machine”, from the 2008 EP named after it, was the chosen track to kick off the gig in a peculiar way: instead of encouraging the motion right away, Rui Miguel told us to squat (I believe if the floor wasn’t in the aforementioned conditions, the idea would be for us to sit down) and only around the second verse were we allowed to rise in a jump and match the energy coming off the amps. “Weapons Of Mass Distraction” and “Medusa” followed suit and then the parade of all songs featured on the new album, in a different order and with a couple of oldies in-between. The very last one was “I Am Alive” itself, leaving no doubt about it – this band is alive and kicking.

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