INFRAKTOR @ Metalpoint, 2021/10/30

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


My first concert without restrictions. I still wore my mask but for mere precaution – it wasn’t mandatory anymore. And even if I’ve never been a big fan of mosh pits, it felt so good the human heat off the occasional push.

I’m not sure what the time was when INFRAKTOR got on stage but I know it was later than it should have been, keeping the pre-pandemic tradition. And the crowd kept their own tradition as well by swinging like there was no tomorrow, from the very first “Inevitability Of Reason”. I know that all those months without doing it had its share in such frenzy, but the band’s performance takes the biggest credit. Not even the drums being out of sync with the other instruments during “Exhaust” ruined the party – for listeners and players both.

As guests, they couldn’t extend their show too much, and having two new songs in their baggage, the set list suffered a few changes. I was sad that one of those changes was cutting off “Unleash The Pigs”, but I welcomed with open arms “Marked To Be Forgotten” (finally with Miguel behind the bass, after he missed the two previous shows where INFRAKTOR had already played it) and the live premiere of “Antwork”, which wrapped up another “ferocious” gig.

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