COSMIC WOLVES @ Metalpoint, 2021/07/10

Original Portuguese version on World of Metal.


It was about five in the afternoon when COSMIC WOLVES created at Metalpoint an enthralling atmosphere, with their half-prog, half-experimental rock – some melodies bearing an oriental hint, even. Singer/guitarist António Mota was just saying “thank you” and I thought it was in order not to ruin that rapport – but no! He would later ask if we had any questions, as he considers concerts “a kind of get-together” and he likes to know what the audience has to say. And someone screamed a Portuguese equivalent to “pump it up!”. A few moments before, when António thanked GODARK and Metalpoint, he admitted not introducing the songs for the fact that, when you don’t know them, it’s the same to say they’re called “Black Crown” or “I Love You”. Anyway, as it was one of his favorites (“I’m biased, I know”), he did introduce “Black Crown” – and someone replied they’d preferred “I Love You”. Yes, there was a captivating vibe but there was also room for fun. 

They’ve finished with “Immortal”, which António said some of us would probably recognize; if we didn’t, then we probably didn’t listen to radio or watched TV… Recognizing it or not, the band was strongly applauded in the end.


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