Revisited: WEB @ Irmandade Metálica, 2009/05/16


Still with no new gigs booked in a near future, and being Filipe‘s birthday today, revisiting WEB‘s performance at Irmandade Metálica, back in 2009, seemed like a good idea. 

The event took place in Benavente, at the famous Side B, and if memory serves me well, it was the third edition of the festival. There was also an exhibition of Cameraman Metálico‘s photos but I can’t remember if it was any kind of special celebration of his career (sorry!). What I do remember well was the surprise video footage the promoters put up for WEB, featuring their late singer David Duarte. Nando had to struggle a bit to thank them (even if he started out by saying that it was an unfair thing to do, catching them off guard), the tears muffling his voice. 

In previous revisited posts, I’ve turned the pics into either black or white or sepia, but since there’s a birthday going on, I’m sticking with a colorful gallery. I believe they haven’t seen some of the pics here – not that they’re exactly top notch (can’t remember why I took the point & shoot instead of the reflex…), but they’re great for memory’s sake. :heart:

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