CORROSION OF CONFORMITY @ Hard Club, 2019/06/24

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


25 years of “Deliverance”. I won’t say it feels like yesterday that Vanessa Warwick was introducing “Albatross” or “Clean My Wounds” on MTV’s Headbangers’ Ball, but it certainly doesn’t feel like more than two decades ago. I won’t say either that “I’m old!” because what I feel is a great satisfaction for being there, enjoying such significant anniversary with the same energy I did when listening to those songs for the first time. Of course the Americans’ own spirit helped – all of them in their fifties and still a rocker attitude like when they founded the band as teenagers, back in 1982.

The previous year they’d released “No Cross No Crown” but only one song – “Wolf Named Crow” – was played; the night was to celebrate “Deliverance”, although tracks such as “13 Angels” or “Vote With A Bullet” couldn’t be left out. In the other dates, being festivals and therefore less “airplay”, Pepper Keenan puts some songs to a vote. In Porto we were much happier and had the chance to listen to the full setlist, without making any tough choices. We also learnt that they’re big fans of the Portuguese band “Super Bock Ritual” (ha ha ha) and still related to beer, that’s what they called the encore: “just a quick beer break”. “Who’s Got The Fire” and an extended version of “Clean My Wounds” made that encore, wrapping up an unforgettable night.


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