INFRAKTOR @ Fora de Rebanho, 2017/09/02

Infraktor - Viseu

It seems that I’ve seen ECHIDNA‘s first show, back in 2005, or at least one off the first batch of shows. I was amazed at how they stormed that small stage – the brainstorm one at the original Hard Club – and instantly became a fan. So when I was told their former bass player Miguel Pinto was the new 5-string master at INFRAKTOR, I didn’t jump of joy only because I was sitting inside a car. My face lit up with a broad smile though. :D

A couple of months later I saw the first gig with the new line-up, confirming what I already knew – Miguel fits like a glove in the INFRAKTOR family and brought a whole new meaning to “live show”. And the crowd went along. :)

It was also on this night that I’ve learnt that “Ferocious Intent” was born while Popas and Katito were watching some National Geographic documentary on lions… :XD:

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