XX years of MOONSPELL’s “Irreligious” @ Multiusos de Guimarães, 2016/12/02


MOONSPELL isn’t one of my favorite bands but I like them pretty much.“Wolfheart” was a constant play back in high-school and then “Irreligious” truly left a mark . But that was it. Afterwards only random songs – not full albums – would be meaningful to me. Until last year, when “Extinct” was released.  So when “Irreligious” turned 20 (yep, time flies…) and MOONSPELL announced a special anniversary gig, where they would not only play it but also “Wolfheart” and “Extinct” in full, my only thought was “what a lucky bastard I am sometimes!”.

It was honestly beautiful. I was counting on something like it but still they exceeded my expectations. Don’t you love when that happens? With a band you’ve been listening to for years and yet they manage to impress you?

My luck went on as Carmen Simões and Sílvia Guerreiro, from the CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN SINGERS, were the special guests for “Wolfheart” – last year at Hard Club, I saw/heard Mariangela DeMurtas (now Amorim) of TRISTANIA assassinate “An Erotic Alchemy”, which for a very long time was my favorite MOONSPELL song. Carmen did it justice.

Mariangela would join the band during the “Irreligious” set, to sing “Raven Claws” with Fernando, but that one she sang okay. Then the fireworks, the laser gloves that Fernando wore during “Herr Spiegelmann”… those little treats that put an extra smile on your face – the music itself curving your lips wide up in the first place.

I know that such a setlist may bias my judgement, but I believe this was the best MOONSPELL gig I’ve ever seen.








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3 Responses to XX years of MOONSPELL’s “Irreligious” @ Multiusos de Guimarães, 2016/12/02

  1. kantellis says:

    damn, they were changing stage setup for each part? or at least the keys ^^
    the concert must have been long if they played whole albums – wish i had a chance to see them ^^ there are some great songs on the albums and i’ve seen the band only after “alpha/omega” so not much of those were played
    lucky you! ^^

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