BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA @ Casainhos Fest, 2016/09/03


BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA took toooooooooooo long to get on stage and we were afraid their show would be cancelled, as the police officers were already looking at their watches – the festival should have been over already. It seems there was a problem with the PA and when it was finally solved, there was only time left for a few songs. :( So Rui Sidonio showed the setlist to the fans in the front row and let them choose which songs they wanted to hear. They’ve played for about half an hour, but since they’re such a great live band, it was a hell of a half hour.

Some kid climbed on stage and stood there rocking out instead of stagediving. If he were a true fan, he’d know how the band isn’t very fond of intruders. Sidónio hinted him a few times to leave but the kid didn’t get it. So eventually the singer got him on his shoulders, a thought of “if you can’t beat them, join them” crossing my mind, until Sidónio just dropped the kid in the audience. Forced stagediving can go really wrong but everything was just fine. Still I think Sidónio regretted it, as he continued singing but knelt down to look closely into the spot the kid had fallen in. Then, as to redeem himself, he invited over a handful of people – it was the first time I saw a stage invasion during a BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA gig and it was quite a pretty sight. :)


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