R.A.M.P. @ Vagos Metal Fest, 2016/08/13

Original Portuguese version at Glam Magazine.


Yes, it’s true that R.A.M.P. don’t have any new releases since 2009 (“Visions”) and even the 25th anniversary compilation is already three years old; but those who know what these “kids” are capable of on stage, also know that, new material or not, it’s always a safe bet to feature them on a bill – even in a less-than-an-hour slot.  Therefore Rui Duarte had to shorten his characteristic communication with the audience, but there was still time for the joke regarding “the other Vagos, in our town” or the one comparing metal to a religion and their concert to a mass. The crowd’s devotion may indeed remind a religion but given the screams’ volume at which every song was sung, “mass” is the last comparison that crosses our mind…


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