The Book Of Souls World Tour @ MEO Arena, 2016/07/11


I confess I didn’t listen to “The Book Of Souls”. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard an IRON MAIDEN album upon its release. But missing a live show? No way!

theravenageOpening act was THE RAVEN AGE. Yes, the band of George Harris, Steve Harris‘ son, but even though I’m sure he’s proud of his father, maybe it’s time to give him his own credit and put aside his lineage. Because those kids rocked the place, with their melodic metal. It wasn’t their first time in Portugal, but it was their first time playing for ca. 18.000 Portuguese metalheads. And we’re very demanding, so when we complied every time singer Michael Burrough asked us to clap our hands or raise them in the air, it shows just how good they were on that stage. Also, for “Salem’s Fate”, he asked for lighters and cellphones lit and the place looked like a Christmas tree. “Angel In Disgrace” finished the set, with a fair share of people singing along.

IRON MAIDEN was… IRON MAIDEN:D Bruce Dickinson dedicated “Tears Of A Clown” to the man who the song is about, the late legend Robin Williams, and later on, “Blood Brothers” to Cristiano Ronaldo. This show was the day after Portugal won the UEFA Euro 2016 and Bruce had already brought it up earlier, very matter-of-fact, teasing, to which the response was almost as loud as the sing-along throughout the show.  Steve even wore a t-shirt of the Portuguese team for the encore. :heart:


I also shot the videowall:

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