THE IDYLL’S END @ Oliva Creative Factory, 2016/03/11


Once again, Vitinha and his Rock On Música SJM promoted a band contest to elect the opening act for this year’s Casainhos Fest. In a proper venue this time, although the lights still sucked. So even though I missed shooting gigs (it had been one month and a half, give or take), the lack of front lights demotivated me a bit and I ended up taking just a few shots of each band. The first one, THE IDYLL’S END, delivered some spirited, raw hardcore, featuring a singer that felt more comfortable among the crowd than on stage – cool, uh? They won the contest, and albeit my vote went for another band, I know they’ll do good in Casainhos.


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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