SACRED SIN’s “DarkSide 20 Years” @ Hard Club, 2014/12/19


SACRED SIN‘s debut album “DarkSide” was released in 1993 and the band thought it would be nice to re-release it after 20 years – especially when the original batch consisted of just 500 copies. The usual stepbacks of the music industry made this possible only one year later and, consequently, the two anniversary gigs – at RCA (Lisboa) and Hard Club (Porto) – also took place in late 2014. Well, 21 years is also a cool age to celebrate, right?

hourswillOne of the worst nightmares of a photographer is running out of batteries. I was sure at least one was freshly charged, but I was wrong. So despite always being supportive of “the little ones”, I had to sacrifice both supporting acts this time – not just because it was an anniversary gig, but because I knew SACRED SIN had invited some guests, meaning I would need to save every little minute of battery for the headliners. My sincere apologies to HOURSWILL and HUMANART.

HOURSWILL is a prog metal band from Lisboa, formed in 2009, and who had just released their debut album “Inevitable”. “Nothing Divine” and “Inevitable Collapse” seem to be their most popular songs.

humanartNow HUMANART have been around a lot more than that (since 1998, to be precise), and I remember seeing them live still with Hélder on vocals. Meaning… 10 years ago or so? I also have a CD lying around somewhere (gift from someone), so it was a surprise to learn that their debut album “Lightbringer” only saw the light of day (yeah, I confess, pun intended) in 2014. Guess the CD I have must be the EP “Hymn Obscura”. What can I say? Black metal isn’t my cup of tea. At all.

The SACRED SIN show started with “Terminal Collapse” and finished with the AC/DC cover of “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, sung by whole bunch of musicians (HOURSWILL-Nuno checking the lyrics on his smartphone, ha ha).

António Gião, bassist in DISAFFECTED (singer Zé Costa‘s other band), had already joined them on stage on another cover, NAPALM DEATH‘s “Suffer The Children”. Rafael Maia, from V12, singing “Comandos” from his own band and MOTÖRHEAD‘s ckassic “Ace Of Spades”. EQUALEFT-Miguel and HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL-Ricardo (the GG duo – groove & grind :D) were left with VENOM‘s “Black Metal”. And Ricardo would also sing the title-track of the album we were celebrating that night. In one word only: PAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYY!

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