EQUALEFT’s “Adapt & Survive”

Original Portuguese version at SounD(/)ZonE.


There are many bands nowadays claiming that their sound features “groove”, but there are really few who actually do so. And among the latter, EQUALEFT can be proud of how they do it.

And if the (ab)use of string – eight in each guitar and six in the bass – is the main ingredient for such intensity, the well-worked structure of each song is exclusively due to those who’ve written them.

The dark intro “We Are…” should be linked to the even darker “… The Chameleons”, but the two-second break between the tracks is probably the only flaw in this work.

“Maniac”‘s tempo matches with its title, its eccentric variations making it the most progressuve track in “Adapt & Survive”.

“Tremble” features two distinct parts, but their fusion happens so naturally that your ear won’t classify it as weird: the first 3:07 minutes are very straightforward and modern, while the 1:20 left – a solo performed by Nuno Pereira (TEK.ANAGLOGY) – reminds you of those fingerings back in the eighties, where the guitars seemed to weep and enthrall the listener with that weeping.

Filipe Correia from CONCEALMENT adds his voice to “New False Horizons”, a thick track where the grim rhythm of death metal meets the texture of groove and the outcome is spiced up here and there by something somewhat progressive.

I start lacking the adjectives to fairly describe “Human”, “Heroes Of Nothing” or “Hymns Of Obedience” – using the same terms would give the wrong idea of similarity when, in truth, each one has its own identity. But I must mention the liveliness of “Invigorate”, in contrast to the melancholic melody of “When Ruin Becomes A Bliss”, and the tribute to hardcore punk – despite its very relaxing intro – “To Step”, where Paulo from E.A.K. leaves his mark.

The way EQUALEFT combine chords, beats and pitches, and structure each song with those combinations, is not only unique but also of an absolute quality. Listening to “Adapt & Survive” is refreshing for the boldness of its creativity has no limits. Album of the year? It surely is one of them.

Label: Raising Legends / Raging Planet

Producer: Pedro Teixeira

Track list:

  1. We Are…
  2. … The Chameleons
  3. Maniac
  4. Tremble (feat. Nuno Pereira)
  5. New False Horizons (feat. Filipe Correia)
  6. Human
  7. Heroes Of Nothing
  8. Hymns Of Obedience
  9. Invigorate
  10. When Ruin Becomes A Bliss
  11. To Step (feat. Paulo Rui)


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