B.A.C.O. @ Metalpoint, 2013/11/30

BACO6METALPOINTB.A.C.O. (Boémios Anti Corporativismo Oligárquico – anti oligarchical corporatism bohemians) is a rock/metal band better than I expected. Not sure if it was their name that made me doubt their seriousness (Baco being the Portuguese name for the Roman wine god Bacchus), but they overcame my low expectations.

They had a full setlist with only one cover – DIO‘s “Holy Diver”, which I honestly didn’t like; Vítor has a great voice but somehow I didn’t like to hear him sing that song, the tone didn’t suit it – so I guess they’ve been around for a while. Or are just very productive. :D

Some of the songs played in this 6th anniversary of Metalpoint were “Lane Skipper”, “Borderlines” and “Hangover Rooster” – cool titles, uh? :D Not bad at all.




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