QUEENSRYCHE’s “Queensrÿche”

Original Portuguese version in Sound(/)Zone.

375091After singer Geoff Tate was fired in April 2012 and formed his own QUEENSRYCHE, meaning that right now there are two bands with the same name, the first thing to tell the readers is which one this album belongs to: “Queensrÿche” is the work of 3/5 of the original line-up and the new singer, Todd La Torre.

And after 30 years with the same voice, making comparisons is inevitable and so the second thing to tell is whether La Torre is a suitable replacement for Tate. Yes, he is. In fact, his vocal tone is extremely similar, to the point that someone might think La Torre is impersonating Tate. But no, that’s just his natural tone, as easily proven by a quick tour through YouTube and live videos with his previous band, CRIMSON GLORY. Only his highest pitch is somewhat sharper, perhaps not as controlled as Tate‘s – listen to “Redemption”, around minute 1:40. Not that significant, however, so the fans shouldn’t fear for the live performance of classics such as “Eyes Of A Stranger” or “Jet City Woman”.

Musically speaking, many will agree that “Queensrÿche” is the best album in the past decade. With the end of the almost monopoly of Tate regarding the songwriting, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield, with the help of La Torre and Parker Lundgren, were able to do what they’d been willing to for some time: to reproduce the sound that characterized QUEENSRYCHE in the early years/albums. The fluid melodies of “Where Dreams Go To Die”, “Redemption” or “In The Light”, the progressive harmony in “Vindication” and “Spore”, the lively rhythm of “Fallout” and “Don’t Look Back” in contrast to the mysterious sobriety of “A World Without” and the melancholy of “Open Road”… this album hasn’t quite the grandeur of “Empire” or “Operation: Mindcrime”, but it surely has the quality and refinement to bring QUEENSRYCHE back into the spotlight.

Label: Century Media

Producer: James “Jimbo” Barton


  1. X2
  2. Where Dreams Go To Die
  3. Spore
  4. In This Light
  5. Redemption
  6. Vindication
  7. Midnight Lullaby
  8. A World Without
  9. Don’t Look Back
  10. Fallout
  11. Open Road



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