DEMENTIA 13 @ Moita Metal Fest, 2013/03/23

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» The last band before dinner break was one of the bands I took a ride with – old school death metal Dementia 13, who were playing their first concert ever. The band was put together by members of Pitch BlackHolocausto Canibal and Biolence, with the intention of doing something a bit different from what they usually do. And also to pay tribute to their favorite death metal bands… as well as cult horror movies. All four songs in their debut EP, “Tales For The Carnivorous”, are inspired by horror movies, like “There Are Those Who Kill Violently” which draws its backstory from Abel Ferrara’s “The Driller Killer”. The physical CDs were supposed to be on sale that day (the digital version available since January), but due some unexpected circumstances, it was delayed until the official release party, to take place a week later. Given the background of all people involved, excellency was expected and excellency was achieved. And there was still time for a little treat in the form of a cover of Six Feet Under’s“The Enemy Inside”. «


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