BRUTAL BRAIN DAMAGE @ Moita Metal Fest, 2013/03/23

Originally posted in Valkyrian Music.

» Grindcore had a couple of slots in the bill as well, and Brutal Brain Damage took the first one. Without a bass – an option and not a temporary casualty, for what I understood – their sound is even harsher than your average grind band. Singer Carlos Lopes does a hell of a job growling and squealing while charging his movements with a matching high voltage. He dedicated two songs to the girls, one of them to the girls and to guitarist Marco, implying some private joke. I didn’t understand which songs were those either, but I believe the dedicatory must have some irony to it. Looking at the titles of the songs in their debut album “Brain Soup”, released last November, there are at least three possibilities – “Scum On”“Sex Ritual” or“Pussy Grinder”. And also “Desire” from the EP “Borderline Syndrome”. So I won’t take a guess. In the end, Carlos stagedived. He was convinced they still had time for a couple more songs, but the time was up. At the same time, I think that being carried in the arms of the crowd is a great way to finish a gig. «


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