TERROR EMPIRE @ Hard Club, 2013/02/15

Originally written for Sound(/)Zone.

» SWITCHTENSE achieved their 10th anniversary last year and decided to celebrate it by recording a concert “at home”, in Moita – Moita Metal Fest, to be precise, a festival they help promote every year. From that recording was born the cd/dvd “10 Unbreakable Years” whose release party they decided to put up in a mythical venue, in a city that always welcomed them heartily.

First guests to that party were thrashers TERROR EMPIRE. With little more than three years of existence, the band from Coimbra proved not being newbies on stage or unknown to the audience. The EP “Face The Terror” was released last June and there were several voices joining Ricardo Martins‘. During “Submission By Fear” he even handed the mic to a fan so he could scream the chorus.

Mosh was also a constant factor in that half an hour which ended with  “Last Fire”, song entitled to a sea of raised fists and a choir of “hey!” as soon as the first chords were heard. «



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  1. Debra says:

    Thaank you for sharing this

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