TANKARD @ Hard Club, 2013/02/01

Then all hell broke loose. People always talk about SLAYER and KREATOR mosh pits… well let me tell you, here in Portugal is TANKARD who causes the biggest “damage”. I guess it’s because they’re “happy” thrashers. Singing about beer, party and more beer is obviously a lot merrier than politics and social problems. And in the end, moshers just want to have fun. ;)

“Zombie Attack” kickstarted the commotion which would be non-stop for the next hour and a half.

Gerre dedicated “The Beauty And The Beer” to all the “beautiful girls” in the house, making sure he pointed at every girl in the front row. Later, as an introduction to “The Metal Lady Boy”, he told some story about how the band got a bit confused when they visited Thailand, since they were never sure if they were looking at a girl or a boy.

He also said how people always said they weren’t a serious band. Well the following song would contradict that. It was a song about death… “Die With A Beer In Your Hand”:XD:

And so on and so on. They left the stage for a brief period after “Chemical Invasion” and returned for a 3-song encore that featured “Alien”, the latest hit “A Girl Called Cerveza” and “(Empty) Tankard”. Prost!



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