DEBUNKER @ Metalpoint, 2012/08/14

Stop Shopping Centre should have changed its name a long time ago as it holds, nowadays, no more than a couple of stores. Then there’s one or two coffee shops, the famous bar/metal venue Metalpoint… and the rest is rehearsal rooms or even studios.

In late June this year, there was a fire in there, caused by a short-circuit. Fortunately, it hit only one room. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a vacant one. By the contrary – it was the recording studio of producer Bruno Silva, also guitar player in HEAVENWOOD. :(

In order to help him, HEAVENWOOD and Metalpoint organized a benefit concert and all the profit would go to Bruno. And I must say it had been a big while since I’d seen Metalpoint so full of people like that night. :)

First band on the bill was DEBUNKER, who happened to also be playing their first live gig together. They’re all veterans, or at least Eric and Miguel, who I’ve known since the age of dawn, and Paulo, who was once the singer of an underground band quite famous around here in the nineties, GOBLIN (personally I’ve only met Brazuca as their singer). Still, you never know what to expect from a new band, made up of veterans or not.

Well I can tell they did very good! Musically, they’re thrash metal oriented, but then Paulo edges it with his no-bullshit-heavy-metal voice and attitude, creating a somewhat different sound from all the other zillions of thrash metal bands.

Now the string section (both guitar players and bassist) just need to show a bit more of emotion while playing. Blank faces don’t look good on pics. ;)

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7 Responses to DEBUNKER @ Metalpoint, 2012/08/14

  1. Paulo says:

    You’re the best…

  2. Victor Matos says:

    Boa report, boas fotos e boa banda;)

  3. Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    1º Concerto? Parecem uns “jovens” promissores de 40 anos. Pode ser que atinjam o sucesso antes da idade da reforma, aos 65 anos.

  4. ERIC says:


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