Vagos Open Air 2012 – intro

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» Vagos Open Air was created in 2009 by Prime Artists and Ophiusa Events. It soon became the best metal festival in Portugal as it always has a couple of national underground bands, and the rest of the bill features dear names of the Portuguese metal audience, many of them who haven’t played here in a long while, or never at all.

For me, it is also perfect because:

– it has only one stage, so you don’t need to move around from one to another, nor choose between bands playing at the same time, as so often happens in big festivals;

– 6 bands per day, assuring you’ll have enough energy to endure screaming and jumping during all of them;

– first band climbs on stage at 17:00 – the hours where the August sun burns the most are already gone.

And it is located near a small and quiet lagoon, really easy to get there either by train + bus or by car. «

Note: the first sign reads something about the guy wanting to be at Sudoeste fest and ending up in Vagos instead; the second, which is actually the backside of the first, is a national political joke – it tells Miguel Relvas, a local politician, to go and study. It was recently discovered that he payed for his degree, having attended just a couple of classes…

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