Revisited: ALICE COOPER @ Brighton Centre, 2009/12/05

I have a handful of recent things to post here – English versions of interviews and reviews I’ve made to the Portuguese webzine HINTF. But my head is exploding, I’m in no mood for translations, so I decided to search the vault and copy+paste something originally posted in my old MySpace blog. Some gallery on deviantART added a bunch of my ALICE COOPER pics to its favourites, so…

Here’s what I wrote back then:

» I’ve waited 16 years to see this man live. My mom waited 35 :) This only proves that you should never give up hope, as some red-haired rockstar once said :D

It was even better than I expected and trust me, I had really high expectations on this :)

2 hours, 27 songs (well, 26 since “school’s out” was played twice). 23 out of those were older than myself :D 

No matter how many pictures and videos you’ve seen, the visual impact of the “horror show” he puts up is simply indescribable when you actually see it live, for real. And then all the classics played by extraordinary musicians. And Alice himself is… well, he’s Alice! :love:«

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