HEATHEN @ SWR Porto Hard, 2012/06/18

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» HEATHEN’s name wasn’t on the posters or tickets, but almost everyone knew about them (let’s hear it for the Internet).

Born in the golden age of thrash and in its golden crib (The Bay Area), HEATHEN seemed even less known than SUICIDAL ANGELS – despite EXODUS-Lee Altus being their guitarist and founder member. I guess the 9-year hiatus they engaged between 1992 and 2001, and the other 9 years they took to release a new album (“The Evolution Of Chaos”, 2010) explains the general lack of knowledge of the crowd.

General, not absolute. There was still a few who knew the lyrics to songs like “Open The Grave”, “No Stone Unturned” or “Death By Hanging”. And like with SUICIDAL ANGELS, the audience also quickly surrendered to HEATHEN. «


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2 Responses to HEATHEN @ SWR Porto Hard, 2012/06/18

  1. Victor says:

    Nice Pics!

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