KEN MODE @ Hard Club, 2012/01/18

Original Portuguese version here:

» A few minutes before the beginning of the show, the members of KILL EVERYONE NOW MODE (usually shorten to KEN MODE) themselves were setting the stage for their performance – not only the tuning of the instruments but also the dispostion of some white spotlights in the border of the stage. Those lights were pointed at them the whole time, creating such a luminosity which we aren’t used to in concerts.

It was the first time for the Canadians in our country, as singer/guitarist Jesse Matthewson said right after the first song. And adding up that they were having huge fun on that tour with KYLESA and CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE, thanking those bands for taking them along, Jesse only talked again in the end, this time to thank the audience for their presence and reminding about the merchandise stand outside. During the rest of the concert his voice was used just to perform the songs, electrical-charge way. In fact, his whole body didn’t stop, keeping up with the rhythm. His brother Shane on drums and the recently recruited bassist Andrew LaCour didn’t stay behind, providing an intense concert of noise rock.

Without announcing the songs nor having a setlist which I could take a look at, I can’t guarantee titles. But since “Venerable” was released last year and it’s the album they are currently promoting, I risk mentioning songs like “Obeying The Iron Will”, “Never Was” and “Book Of Muscle”. From earlier works, maybe “The Hammer Party” and “Extending Common Courtesy”.

The concert ended with Jesse on his knees in the centre of the stage, moving back and forth as if rocking himself, suddenly turning off those white spotlights and leaving us clapping our hands in the dark. «

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