WEB’s rehearsal, 2011/12/14

“The rehearsal was like this… The concert will be much more!”

As said in my previous post, WEB celebrated 25 years in 2011. The official anniversary concert was that one, at Metalpoint, but every gig they played that month was a “b-day party”. And they saved the best for last – on December 25th, at X-Massacre (an event they helped create 3 years ago), they would have a list of guests on stage with them.

It was all a secret until a few days before the concert, but Victor happened to mention it to me, on the day they would have the last rehearsal for it. I asked if he/they wanted me to take a few shots of it, but I honestly thought he would say no – being a secret and all. But he was thrilled with the idea of keeping “digital memories” of the rehearsal – I just couldn’t post the pics online until they announced the names of the guests on their website. Fine with me! :)

They only had some of the guests with them that night, but I was still wondering how they would all fit in the small room – they had a schedule, that’s how. :D

First in was Vítor from HEAD:STONED, to rehearse “Reflections”. Then came Vera, also from HEAD:STONED, and TARÂNTULA-Paulo Barros for “The Candle”. Third, Lisboa (HACKSAW) for “Valley Of The Sacred Souls”. And last but not least in any way, Daniel and Álvaro from PITCH BLACK and Inglês from EQUALEFT for “Last War”.

All good friends, it was a professional but very funny rehearsal. And in-between songs, there was time for a little goof-around with the beginning of QUEEN‘s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and a spontaneous full cover of Ben E. King‘s “Stand By Me”, death metal style. :D That rehearsal should have been recorded, not just photographed ;)

Click on “permalink” to see the pics in a somewhat bigger resolution and read the captions:


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