WEB’s 25th anniversary @ Metalpoint, 2011/12/10

First time I’ve ever seen WEB was in 1996, when they (and HEAVENWOOD) opened for CRADLE OF FILTH at Palha D’Aço, Porto. Little did I know back then that I would become such a fan and a great friend :) 

So there I was that night, happy and proud.

Before the gig, a short documentary about those 25 years was played on the venue’s tv, produced by Ricardo Cacildo. Then they started to play – each of them in a different WEB t-shirt – one of the really old songs, “A NewEvil Kingdom”, from the “Evil Tape” (1994 demo), which I believe guitarist Filipe was playing for the first time ever. Maybe even drummer Pedro.

As usual, EQUALEFT-Miguel joined them on stage to sing “Last War”, although it seems it wasn’t previously arranged.

I lose balance easily, since I broke my knee in 2007, so I had climbed on stage to avoid the moshers. When I read they were going to play SLAYER‘s “Raining Blood”, a cover they used to end their gigs with some time ago, I was definitely not going to step down :XD: And then they played the song they now use as wrap-it-up theme, “If Only There Was Light”, but that night was far from over. 5 more songs, starting with my favourite from “Deviance”, “Life Aggression”, and finishing with “Beautiful Obsession” :)

Singer/bassist Nando‘s wife, Sandra, made a delicious cake with the original logo on it. And a dedicated fan, Sérgio, forged the new one in a plate of steel, as well as only the “W” to decorate Pedro‘s bass drum.

CRUSHING SUN also gave them a piece of art: the artwork of their album “TAO”, in a frame.

After singing “happy birthday” to the band, Nando asked for a special applause to guitarist Victor, the only remaining original member, for hanging on through these 25 years.

Months before, WEB had been contacting photographers, asking them for a few of their best/favourite pics of the band, so they would make a small exhibit at Metalpoint that night. I was one of them, obviously ;)

Also, the photo I gave them a couple of years ago, of the good-luck ritual they perform before every single concert, was brought from the rehearsal room into the venue.

It’s honestly a pleasure and an honour to make part of these 25 years :)


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