VICIOUS RUMORS @ Hard Club, 2011/12/09

Original Portuguese version here:

» As there are still many people around here who’d rather arrive later just to see their favourite band, those people missed the first 15 minutes of VICIOUS RUMORS (maybe they will learn to give a chance to the “small bands” from now on?).

The veteran heavy/power band from the Bay Area shredded right from the beginning, with two tracks older than most of the people in the audience – “Digital Dictator”, followed without a break by “Minute To Kill”, both from 1988.

Guitarist and leader Geoff Thorpe – the only permanent member since their formation – said it was a pleasure to be there with us, celebrating “666 years of VICIOUS RUMORS (in “real life”, it’s 32). And from the old to the new, they played “Murderball”, the opening theme of the album “Razorblade Killers”, released in March.

An excellent old school performance, full of headbanging and “evil faces”, but it was singer Brian Allen‘s insane faces that had the biggest visual impact.

Apart from “Let The Garden Burn”, also from the new album, all songs belonged to the first four albuns of the band, for which you can imagine just how filled with classics this concert was.

After we replaced Allen in the chorus of “Soldiers Of The Night”, the band bade farewell with “Don’t Wait For Me”, with Thorpe and Kiyoshi Morgan strangling Allen with their guitars, and Stephen Goodwin finishing the killing by hitting with his bass on the head of the fallen singer. Thorpe and Morgan dragged Allen out of the stage, leaving the crowd screaming for one more.«

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