AMARANTHE @ Hard Club, 2011/12/09

Original Portuguese version here:

» It wasn’t 20:00 yet and already two dozens of people were at the doors of Hard Club. I’m glad they were, as the gig started earlier than it was supposed to: the ticket said 21:00 but Swedish-Danish AMARANTHE got on stage a little after 20:30, with “Leave Everything Behind” – first song of the self-titled debut album (2011), and also title-track of the first EP (2009).

Elize Ryd had been here last year, at Vagos Open Air, with KAMELOT, but it was the first time of the band in Portugal. And they were enjoying it pretty much. I know they all say the same, but given the warmth the fans on the front row welcomed them with, I believe it was true. Also more people had arrived meanwhile, and they were applauding them too.

For personal reasons, singer Andreas Solveström couldn’t be present on this tour, so they invited Richard Sjunnesson, from THE UNGUIDED. I don’t know how long he had to rehearse with the band, but he seemed pretty at ease, not only on vocals but also in the movements.

Vitality and energy more than enough, highlighted in songs like “1.000.000 Lightyears”, “It’s All About Me”, “Automatic” and, of course, the most famous “Hunger”, which they ended the concert with. The crowd jumped, screamed and clapped their hands, and singer Jake E. promised that AMARANTHE would come back someday. The audience wanted more on that very same night, but it was not possible.«

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