SEPTIC FLESH @ Hard Club, 2011/11/02

Original Portuguese version here:

» After learning that the AMON AMARTH/SEPTIC FLESH gig at Incrível Almadense had sold out the night before – although, apparently, the number of tickets on sale was less than the venue’s capacity – I headed to Hard Club about an hour and a half before the opening of the doors. By that time there wasn’t that much people after all, maybe because the weather itself was giving life to the song “Twilight Of The Thunder God” and no one likes to walk in the streets under a storm. But when SEPTIC FLESH started to play “The Vampire Of Nazareth”, song that also opens the album they’re currently promoting, “The Great Mass”, Hard Club was already packed.

To say the Greeks’ concert disappointed me is an understatement. For an opening act the setlist was good, and there are no fingers to point at the songs’ performance on a technical level. But at an emotional one… Except for Fotis Benardo – but not everybody could see him, standing behind the drumkit – the movements of the musicians were too automatic, almost “soulless”. And Spiros “Seth” Antoniou‘s vocabulary was limited to “are you ready, motherfuckers?” (or its variation “come on, motherfuckers!”) and “do you know a song called… “.

From the new album they also played “A Great Mass Of Death”, “Pyramid God” and “Five-Pointed Star” (which closed the show). The rest of the set was composed by tracks from the previous album, “Communion”, “Anubis” and “Persepolis” being the most acclaimed by the crowd. «

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