EQUALEFT @ Gaia Em Peso, 2011/10/30

Originally posted on Valkyrian Music: http://valkyrianmusic.com/2011/11/03/gaia-em-peso-fest-molin-old-factory-live-review/

» Gates Of Hell should be next, but singer Raça hadn’t showed up yet. Damage My God ‘s own singer wasn’t there, so they couldn’t play either. Headliners Equaleft ended up playing 2 hours before schedule, not closing that day’s bill after all. But no one in that band cares about status – they just want to play, no matter if that happens in the beginning, middle or end of the festival.

Guitarist Maglor couldn’t be there, for personal reasons, meaning the Star Wars Storm Trooper mask in “Invigorate” was a no show either. Replacing him was Pedro from Gates Of Hell – brother of the bass player, Filipe, who also plays guitar in GOH. The Portuguese underground is one big happy family. :D

Singer Miguel was surprised to see so many moshers on a cold Sunday night, but there they were, circle after circle and screaming along the chorus of songs like “Suffer No More”, “Sleep When I’m Dead” or “Alone In Emptiness”. Miguel himself kept jumping, but that’s nothing new. «


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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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4 Responses to EQUALEFT @ Gaia Em Peso, 2011/10/30

  1. MIG-Equaleft says:

    Hail to Pieni and marvelous photos
    thanks for the support

  2. Filipe says:

    Excelent report and photos!!!!

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