JUNKYWAX @ Gaia Em Peso, 2011/10/30

Originally posted on Valkyrian Music: http://valkyrianmusic.com/2011/11/03/gaia-em-peso-fest-molin-old-factory-live-review/.

» Artchoke cancelled their show (don’t know why) so there was a bigger intermission for dinner. Around 21:00, Junkywax got on stage.

This was another band I remembered from a previous edition (2009, I believe) and they also sounded different – a lot different! If it wasn’t for the girl on the bass, Alexandra, I would even think I was mistaken and this wasn’t the same band – although a weird name like this is kind of hard to forget. But it was – they simply went from alternative/grunge to sludge/southern rock, sticking to the original name as they “didn’t want to forget their roots”.

They played that sludgy metalcore for half an hour, presenting us the demo/EP “Pure Power Rising” that they’ve released this year. One of the songs (didn’t understand the title – if singer André said it at all) was punk rock, so I presume it was older. It started with bass and Alexandra also sang in the chorus. «


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5 Responses to JUNKYWAX @ Gaia Em Peso, 2011/10/30

  1. MIG says:

    Estas tão mesmo fixes 🙂 parabéns. Tens que as mostrar à banda 🙂
    enquadram-se mesmo na sonoridade deles 🙂

  2. André (Junkywax) says:

    Muito obrigado pelas fotos.
    Está um trabalho fotografico bem porreiro


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