MR. BIG @ Hard Club, 2011/09/26

Original Portuguese version here:


» It wasn’t quite 21:30 when the lights went out and, one by one, the four elements of MR. BIG got on stage. “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy” was the opening theme, with Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan playing the solo with a drill instead of a pick – as the alternative title for this song is “The Electric Drill Song”.

I had no idea MR. BIG had so many devoted fans in Portugal. The most famous songs were sung from beginning to end by the whole venue, but even those which didn’t play on MTV were entitled to a loud choir.

Loud is also the right adjective for the strings. Bass lover as I am, I stood on Sheehan‘s side, where the sound smothered everything else. And I’m sure whoever stood on Gilbert‘s side felt the same about the guitar. But they ended up adjusting the volume, or my ears got used to it, and before the concert was halfway through, I already heard Eric Martin‘s voice and distinguished the other instruments better.

Martin had no need to say the title of “Just Take My Heart”, after announcing that the following song was from the early nineties and talked about “heartache”.

Sheehan and Gilbert‘s solos were both moments of pure genius, while Martin radiated good mood by dancing and jumping. And also when he made us, “brothers and sister”, shout hallelujah and something that I can’t even repeat now but had “rabo” (ass) in the middle – someone must have told him the meaning of the word and he was pretty amused making us say it.

After “Addicted To That Rush” they bowed in farewell, but it didn’t take long for them to come back for the encore. Martin wanted us to sing with him and wake up the neighbourhood with “To Be With You”. And if it wasn’t for Hard Club’s excellent soundproofing, I think we would have.

“Colorado Bulldog” came up next, and although Cat Steven‘s cover, “Wild World”, is a mark in MR. BIG‘s career, it was DEEP PURPLE‘s “Smoke On The Water” that they’ve chosen to perform. With a singularity: they all traded places! Gilbert went behind the drums, Martin took the guitar, Pat Torpey the bass, and Sheehan put up quite a show on vocals. In the middle of the song Sheehan gave the mic to Torpey, picking up Martin‘s guitar, who went for the bass – only Gilbert kept drumming enthusiastically. Torpey also sang well.

The ultimate song was “Shy Boy”, written by Sheehan and originally performed by David Lee Roth.

For two hours – yes, two hours! – we saw a high quality rock concert spiced with blues. Sheehan had once been here a few years back, in Cinema do Terço, for a workshp, but it was the first time MR. BIG played in Portugal. And they were delighted. They promised to come back. I believe they won’t do it only if there’s no promotor to make it happen, as the will to return was stamped in their faces. As it was in ours that we wanted to see them again. «

  • Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
  • Alive And Kickin’
  • Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
  • Undertow
  • American Beauty
  • Take Cover
  • Just Take My Heart
  • Once Upon A Time
  • A Little Too Loose
  • It’s For You
  • Road To Ruin
  • Temperamental
  • Gilbert’s guitar solo
  • Still Ain’t Good Enough For Me
  • Price You Gotta Pay
  • Take A Walk
  • Around The World
  • As Far As I Can See
  • Sheehan’s bass solo
  • Addicted To That Rush


  • To Be With You
  • Colorado Bulldog
  • Smoke On The Water
  • Shy Boy

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