MOTEL 21 @ Hard Club, 2011/09/26

Original Portuguese version here:

» In the afternoon, Hard Club had announced the MR. BIG concert on its Facebook page, finishing with “tickets are still available”. I was left wondering if that was just a marketing strategy or if the venue would really be so packed that they felt the need of warning about the last tickets. It was the latter!

Of course this didn’t check out at the opening of the doors. In part due the weak promotion advertising an opening act, but also a bit because the name MOTEL 21 didn’t ring a bell to most people – and sadly, that’s the reality in my country: the public only cares about the “big bands” (no pun intended),

I had never heard about them myself, but I’ve always had this “get-to-know” attitude. And much for my surprise, I recognized two of the musicians after all, from my highschool days! At least those two went through bands like EXCISE, NÓRDICA and DUST, meaning they aren’t exactly rookies.

With an electric and two acoustic guitars, spiced by keyboards, they delivered a nice soft rock. Soft rock, not heavy metal – singer Diogo Lima used this term just as an example of what’s done behind the limelight, how hard it is to have that kind of band here in Portugal, as only fado seems to get attention. And so the solution laid in  incorporating fado. With a few typical chords of that style, where I believe I’ve recognised some from MADREDEUS’ “A Vaca De Fogo”, they adapted the sound of the Portuguese guitar to MUSE’s “Uprising” (which I thought was kind of funny, as along with it came the usual “support-what’s-ours” lecture and they chose a British band to send out the message). Anyway, the cover turned out pretty interesting, original, and most of the audience sang along. And applauded. But already in MOTEL 21 own songs, like “If It Goes Up” or “On The Edge”, they had showed their appreciation with clapping hands and heys!.H

Half an hour well spent, which ended with “Back In Time”, song from the time when they still were part of DUST.

  • Irresistible
  • If It Goes Up
  • Be My Valentine
  • On The Edge
  • Uprising
  • Back In Time

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