NOCTIFERIA @ Hard Club, 2011/09/13

Original Portuguese version here:, with pictures by Sandra Manuel (

» Hard Club was yet pretty abandoned when the evening started – not only NOCTIFERIA are little known around here, as FCP played at home and the match was broadcasted on tv. But the few attendees welcomed the first band with open arms. Or better, raised-in-the-air arms, with shouts along the way.

Formed in 1992 in Ljubljana (Slovenia capital) under the name EMETICA, only two years later did they adopt the current name (which, by the way, means “eternal night”). Since then, they’ve released one live album and four studio ones, having gone through several changes in line-up and style. Maybe because of that, the fact they now play industrial metal instead of the melodic black metal from their early days, the 45 minutes they’ve been on stage were dedicated to their latest album, “Death Culture” (2010), with only two songs from the previous one.

“Terror” opened the show, and after “Deluders And Followers” Gianni Poposki said good evening and thanked our presence, telling us it was the first gig of the tour and how good it felt to be in Portugal also for the first time. “This is the era of Death Cult” was the introduction to “Non Individuum”.

“Travelling in time” (to quote Poposki), until “Slovenska Morbida”, they played “Evil Vs. Evil”, followed up by the only song I knew, “Demoncracy”, which was the first video that popped up on YouTube when I looked for the band.

For the two final tracks, “Samsara” and “Mara”, Poposki jumped behind a percussion set standing in the center of the stage (the drumkit was to the left).

On farewell, Poposki tapped his hand over his heart, while guitarist Igor Nardin joined his hands as if on a prayer, gestures which show how much they had appreciated the reception.

I can’t recall where I read that NOCTIFERIA was the best Slovenian band around. Don’t know if that’s true, but they did play a hell of a show. «

  • Terror
  • Slavedriver
  • Deluders And Followers
  • Non Individuum
  • Evil Vs. Evil
  • Demoncracy
  • Monarch
  • Holymen
  • Samsara
  • Mara

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