EUROPE @ Douro Summer Fest, 2011/08/12

I’d seen EUROPE in 2008, at Kobeta Sonik festival (Bilbao, ES). It was a great show, but it took place precisely one month after John Norum‘s wife, Michelle Meldrum (R.I.P.), had died. So the fun was somewhat refrained. This year, it was the EUROPE I grew up listening to. :)

Joey Tempest was unstoppable! He covered that stage and catwalk like there would be no tomorrow, always laughing, dancing, flipping the microphone in the air… He missed it once, but wasn’t embarassed at all, nor did he stop tossing it up :D I’ve heard they’d been in the village drinking Port wine before the show… ;)

The Portuguese fan club had delivered a sheet of paper asking for two things. The first, was to make our camera’s flash go off when Joey sang the last “come with me” on “Last Look At Eden”. Not everybody did so, but still, we managed a beautiful explosion of light :)

The second task was to often hold high the back of the paper, which read “Hero”. The goal was to make the band play it. But Joey gave us a sneaky smile, saying “too bad we’re not playing that song tonight”. They didn’t, but they merged a snippet of it in the beginning of “New Love In Town”.

They let us sing the chorus in “Carrie”, and both Joey and Mic Michaeli seemed really impressed with our vocal performance :D But really impressive was Ian Haugland‘s drum solo, which was introduced by “The Lone Ranger” cartoon theme :XD:

“Cherokee” and “Rock The Night” (the latter having Joey dancing and singing “touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your body” at some point :XD:) were the last songs before the encore. This consisted in a brand new song, “Doghouse”, and, of course, the song that set the foundations of their world wide success 25 years ago, “The Final Countdown”.

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