DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT @ Vagos Open Air, 2011/08/06

Original text here:, with pictures by Sandra Manuel (


» While the giant screens played a slideshow of “Townsendish” satires to several movie posters and famous images, Ziltoid Radio (frequency 93.5) turned the place into a ’90s disco, with songs by VENGABOYS, LOU BEGA and AQUA. Devin Townsend‘s sense of humor is sometimes annoying… But “Addicted!” started at last and the crowd immediately forgot about the audio torture of the last 15 minutes.

The Canadian “genius” is extremely expressive and talkative. Of all the blabbing, what I thought was the funniest was “My name is Devin and my favourite animal is the fuckin’ unicorn”, said somewhere between “Truth” and “OM”. Regarding the faces, it’s impossible do choose a favourite one. :D

“I think you deserve Ziltoid”, said Townsend before “By Your Command”, while the mentioned alien showed on the videowalls, all chipper. On one of the last scenes, a human hand gives him a cup of the so much sought-after coffee.

A remarkable concert, where Ihsahn got on stage to sing in “Juular”, as it also happens in the studio version.

“Deep Peace” was the last song, being the last words Townsend said to the audience: “Peace. Enjoy the rest of the show, okay?”. «

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