MACHINAE SUPREMACY @ Hard Club, 2011/05/05

Original Portuguese version here:

With the release of “Reckless Relentless Forever”, CHILDREN OF BODOM returned to Portugal, after a 5-year absence. They brought with them fellow countrymen ENSIFERUM, who visited us last year at Vagos Open Air, and the Swedish neighbours MACHINAE SUPREMACY, who I believe were playing in Lusitan territory for the first time.

There was a warning at the entrance saying that CHILDREN OF BODOM would record footage of the concert and by entering the venue we allowed the public use of that footage. These images are meant for the band’s first photobook, to be released in the fall, and which will translate in photos COB‘s life on the road.

Without delays, MACHINAE SUPREMACY got on stage at 8 p.m. and were immediately welcomed. I barely know them, but most of the audience seemed to know them pretty well. And those who didn’t went along the party just the same. I saw several people singing the lyrics with their hands in the air and a smile on their faces. And the band was honestly happy with this reception.

A friend of mine had told me they make covers of videogame songs and I actually found out that they call themselves “SID metal”, since they use in many of their songs a SidStation, with a SID chip from Commodore 64.

So they played this computerized mix of heavy metal with alternative rock for half an hour, which I think began with the track “Truth Of Tomorrow”, The last one I’m sure it was “Through The Looking Glass”, as it’s the one I really know (and, apparently, it’s the most popular as well).

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