THE 69 EYES @ Cirkus, 2011/04/16

Dark Decadence Tour was like a dream: my favourite “sleazers” (HARDCORE SUPERSTAR), my current favourite “glammers” (CRASHDÏET) and my all-time favourite vampires (THE 69 EYES) Heart Couldn’t miss this for ANYTHING!

Of course lots of other people felt the same way, so despite getting to the venue about an hour before the opening of the doors, I didn’t make it to the front row – hence the lack of quantity and quality of the photos. Yummy But I had to drop a line about it as it was an unforgettable night in my life. :-) (Smile)

THE 69 EYES were co-headliners with HCSS, but as the latter and CRASHDÏET are both Swedish, the gig in Stockholm (which is also CRASHDÏET‘s hometown) suffered a little change in the line-up: THE 69 EYES as opening act (half an hour), CRASHDÏET as support act (45 minutes), and HCSS as only headliners (90 minutes).

Also for being their homecountry, people wearing t-shirts of those 2 bands were countless. But as the venue was filling in, some guy shouted for Jyrki and then Jussi, meaning there were some crazy 69 EYES fans as well. XD I could confirm that once again right on the opening song, “Devils”, as the crowd happily sang along the chorus. Aww

Jyrki dedicated “Perfect Skin” to all the girls there, and when he asked to see an ocean of waving hands during “Sister Of Charity”, we immediately provided him that image. Beautiful.

My favourite quote from “The Crow” movie (well, mine and millions of others’, I’m sure), “it can’t rain all the time”, left no doubt that “Brandon Lee” was about to be played. The same as “Stockholm, I know you wanna rock” was the introduction to “Lost Boys”. :D (Big Grin)

To hell with the photos – I can’t remember a concert where I’ve danced so much! I'm on fire!


  • Devils
  • Never Say Die
  • Perfect Skin
  • Sister Of Charity
  • Dead Girls Are Easy
  • Bandon Lee
  • Lost Boys

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2 Responses to THE 69 EYES @ Cirkus, 2011/04/16

  1. kantellis says:

    i’m so glad i went to the concert in copenhagen – 69 eyes were the main act ^^
    though, i miss not seeing hcss… hope to see them one day ^^

    hehe, i really do have mixed feelings about doing concert photos ‘cos most likely you’d have to choose – photos or jumping around ^^ but then, both are fun, no? ^^

    rock on! *hugs*

  2. Pieni says:

    Well, when I’m at the front, I manage to do both, as I don’t have to struggle much for a good angle. But when I don’t make it to the first row… then to hell with the pics and it’s PARTY! =D

    I hope you manage to see HCSS soon, as they’re simply AMAZING live ^^

    Dzieki, Kati!

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