SEREMEDY @ Sonic Rock Circus, 2011/04/09

Ninetone Records promoted an event with 4 of its hottest acts at the moment. As the headliners were PLAN THREE, who ended their Touring Our Sins that night, and it was a saturday, I headed to Stockholm to attend this Sonic Rock Circus thing, held at Klubben/Fryshuset.

SEREMEDY was the only one I’d never heard about before – although they had many fans in the audience, as I found out even before entering the venue. I only had time to hear one song on Youtube and check a few photos, so I really wasn’t prepared for THAT: a visual kei band from Sundsvall (nope, not all of those come from Japan).

The song I checked had been “Bulletproof Roulette” (I believe their first single), which is a rocky and catchy song. So when they started the show with an industrial tune called “Torygan”, and had so many others like that on their setlist, it was really a surprise.

Guitarrist Yohio entered the stage throwing roses and kisses to the audience, in a Victorian white dress. At the age of 15, he (yes, HE) seems to have a very promising future.

It wasn’t really my cup of tea. I like some industrial music, but SEREMEDY was too much noisy and alike. Plus singer Seike doesn’t have exactly a very good voice, not to mention he uses a megaphone way too often, which becomes irritating at some point. The most melodic and rock songs were nice, but the setlist had so much variety in terms of musical direction that it took me a while to get used to it. But then again, I think that’s what defines SEREMEDY. The kids loved them and it was kind of fun to watch them.

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