Revisited: DEAD BY APRIL @ Stagedive Day Out, 2009/08/22

Another one recovered from MySpace, by request of my friend Cat. Here are a couple of pictures more than on the “first edition”, like the close-up of Jimmie’s arm, as I know Cat is a big fan of tattoos 😉

Only recently did I learn that Jimmie is a big fan of BACKSTREET BOYS. Funny, as I’ve always said DEAD BY APRIL was a scremo version of that band :XD: Still I like them :) I wasn’t exactly a fan when I wrote this, as I say on the first paragraph, but now I think I can be considered one.

» DEAD BY APRIL was the other band I wanted to see. I’m not exactly a fan, but I was curious. “Losing you” has catchy keyboards and the song ends up sticking to our minds – especially when Bandit Rock plays it every single day… On the other hand, I still can’t help a smile when I think about the lyrics. I’m a romantic person, but GIVE ME A BREAK! When I love someone, that someone becomes part of my life – probably the most important part – but it’s still A PART. The thought of someone finding the meaning of existence on his/her lover alone really bothers me.

Anyway… I liked it :) The lyrics may be lame (BACKSTREET BOYS gone scremo :D), but the melodies are pretty energetic and they rocked that stage – just like I was expecting.

As I said previously, things were running late and they didn’t waste any time on small talk. Still they had to cut their setlist short. I left the photopit by the second song – there were too many photographers, female photographers, and I didn’t feel like competing for good angles with them (hence the weird perspective on most of the pics here) – and I believe they played only 3 songs more.

My Swedish sucks, but when guitarrist Johan started to say the titles of some of their songs, I think he was asking the audience to choose the last one. And yes, you guessed it – “losing you” won :D But I confess I was a bit disappointed. Jimmie’s growls were perfect, but Pontus’ clean voices can’t reach live the high pitch level we hear on the cd.«

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