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SONATA ARCTICA @ Vagos Metal Fest, 2018/08/11

Originally shot for Glam Magazine. Tony Kakko did warn us that they would play a “set of calmer songs” (not exactly in these words but with the same meaning) but still… As a friend said, “these are not the SONATA ARCTICA I … Continue reading

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2018: gold, silver and bronze medals

Every year is getting harder to keep this blog up-to-date, but quoting one of my favorite bands, “this is what makes me feel alive…”, so no matter how big the backlog, the posts will keep coming. This was the first … Continue reading

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SONATA ARCTICA @ Vagos Open Air, 2013/08/09

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone. Para a Andreia Moutinho  » SONATA ARCTICA were far from being a live novelty in Portugal, having played here first with STRATOVARIUS, then with GAMMA RAY and last time with Doro. But the latter had been in … Continue reading

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