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DEATH ANGEL @ Vagos Metal Fest, 2019/08/10

Originally shot for Glam Magazine. From the Bay Area to Vagos, ladies and gentlemen please welcome DEATH ANGEL! From “Voracious Souls” to “The Moth”, going through “Thrown To The Wolves” and “Claws In So Deep”, no thrash metal fan was unmoved … Continue reading

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Revisited: DEATH ANGEL’s “The Evil Divide”

Originally posted on Valkyrian Music. It’s been almost three decades since the release of “The Ultra-Violence”, and even though none of DEATH ANGEL’s later albums achieved the same success, the Bay Area band has always stood way above the average thrash … Continue reading

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TESTAMENT’s “Brotherhood Of The Snake”

Originally posted in Valkyrian Music. Formed in 1983 as LEGACY, TESTAMENT were forced to change their name – the usual there’s-already-a-band-with-that-name thing – and that change happened three years later. So even if their whole history is a bit older, TESTAMENT turn … Continue reading

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